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The 3 questions I ask myself each day ....

We believe that there is no algorithm for leadership and so we interview great sports coaches from around the world to try and find ideas to help all of us lead our families, our colleagues, and our teams better.

The best ideas from those interviews are in this newsletter.

We hope you find one or two things here that you can bring to your dinner table, locker room or boardroom table for discussion.

Latest Interview

Don is a basketball coach who over 32 years coached in High Schools in Rhonda is an American softball coach and former collegiate pitcher

As a player she represented the University of Nebraska and played in the team at the inaugural Women's College World Series.

She transitioned into coaching in 1986 and in 1993 became the Head Coach of her  alma mater.

She has gone on to record over 1000 career wins across her 31 years as a coach including, 3× Big 12 Conference Tournament wins and one Big Ten Tournament victory. She has also led the team to the NCAA tournament on 20 occasions and 3 times to the Women’s College World Series.

Rhonda is a leader with a deep sense of self and connectedness. In this insightful interview some of the highlights for me were:

  • The 3 questions she asks herself everyday: have I helped someone today? Have I worked to make deep connections today? in my responses to others today, did I choose love? But also, how these questions have changed since her coaching style was very publicly challenged.

  • The story she shares about the work the team did on Feedback routines, and how they role played having difficult conversations, so they were more prepared for them when they occurred.

  • And her view that leadership is dealing with shades of gray, and how she works with the teams leadership group to help them develop their decision making skills in this area.

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Leadership Insights

NBA Coach Mike Dunlap breaking down the role of a coach, envisioning the outcome, empowering the team, and becoming invisible as players become teachers themselves.

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Leadership Skills

This episode is on the topic of Coaching Philosophy, and it features audio quotes from 15 Great Coaches.

On this episode 18 Great Coaches talk about Commitment and how and how it connects passion with your goals.

The key lessons I have taken on away on the topic of Commitment from our interview guests are:

  • Passion is the starting point for anyone who wants to achieve a goal that is, in the words of one of our great coaches, something that most people would never even dream of.

  • Then you form expectations that are internally driven and commit to a plan to help you achieve your goals.

  • The goals you set should be stretching, and in the top end of your performance potential. And the goals do not need to be defined by the end result such as winning a gold medal or championship.

  • As a coach or leader helping someone achieve their goals, you need to be able to explain why you are asking them to do what you are advising. While also helping them manage the distractions that can de-rail their commitment.

  • And, finally, your commitment as the leader will need to be greater than the person or team that you are leading towards their goal.


Comin up this week we release an episode On Strength & Conditioning and we are joined for the discussion by Dean Benton.

Dean has worked with an amazing number of elite sporting clubs such as Rugby Australia, Japan Rugby and England Rugby, The Rugby League teams: Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Canberra and the Australian Rules Football teams, Essendon, and Adelaide, as well as the Australian Netball team.

He has also written and published extensively on topics related to strength and physical conditioning. He is a true authority on this important element elite level sporting teams.we are joined for the discussion by Dean Benton.

2024 Season

Do you know a Great Coach with an inspiring story to share? We started this podcast because we felt that the best leaders we know were sports coaches. Their stoicism, selflessness and resilience was something that stayed with you for life.

We have started preparing for the 2024 Season and are looking for Great Coaches with these qualities to interview. If you know someone with an interesting story and lessons to share on Life on Leadership then please let us know at [email protected]. Our podcast is in the top 2% in the world so their story will reach a broad audience and hopefully inspire others.


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