Nick Montgomery

The Championship Story of an Underdog

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Latest Interview

With over 500 pitch appearances under his belt, Nick Montgomery knows how to leverage his own playing experience to better coach and support his teams and players.

In our latest episode, we sat down with the newly-appointed Head Coach of Hibernian FC to discuss his own experience of working alongside great coaches, the lessons he has learned throughout his career, and how he personally approaches some of the challenges that he (and every leader) has faced, including:

  • Establishing values that a team will actually strive for

  • Encouraging a winner’s mindset amongst his players

  • Discovering and working with the unique motivations of each player

  • Maintaining an honest, clear communication style

And several others that should be extremely relatable to any leader, coach, or parent.

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Leadership Insights

As a leader in any capacity, it’s important to remember that people are more than just their roles; each and every member of our teams, offices, and families have their own individual skills, opinions and personality that they bring to the table.

In this clip, cricket coach Gary Kirsten speaks on the importance of recognising and supporting players as individuals, and encouraging them to express themselves and their own talents within a team environment.

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Leadership Skills

The topic of “culture” comes up often in our interviews, but what exactly does it mean, and how can you encourage it within your own teams and communities?

In this lesson, you’ll hear from 20 different Great Coaches discuss various culture-related points, such as:

  • Establishing shared visions, goals, and values

  • How to promote a sense of belonging amongst team members

  • The difference between treating all team members fairly, and treating them all the same

  • The necessary balance between encouraging team-led culture and providing support and articulation as a leader

Regardless of industry or team size, the topic of culture plays an important role in every leadership experience. Listen to the full lesson now, and then explore the other topics we cover on our website by clicking the button below.


“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

If you’re someone who recognises the importance of continuously developing your leadership skills, then you’ve probably heard of Allistair McCaw.

Author of multiple best-selling books such as the popular “Champion Minded”, Allistair has been writing and speaking on the topics of leadership, team culture and performance for over 25 years.

In this clip, he joined us to speak on his new book, “Habits That Make A Champion”, and the role that habits play in defining performance.

Watch the video now, and then make sure to get your hands on a copy - you’ll definitely benefit from reading it.


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