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Latest Interview

Muffet McGraw is an American basketball coach who led the Notre Dame women's team for 33 seasons.

In total, McGraw led them to 9 final fours, 7 championship games, and 2 NCAA championships in 2001 and 2018.

In 2011 Muffet McGraw was inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, and has also since been inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

In 2017, she was presented with a Legends of Coaching award.

In our latest podcast episode she joins us to share her experiences in coaching and empowering strong sporting women, as well as the great female coach who she personally turned to when she needed inspiration and advice.

Some highlights include:

  • Her thoughts on empowering young women, and how this can be achieved not only through listening to them, but also encouraging them to use their voice to share what’s important to them.

  • Why believing in someone even after they fail is one of the most important things a leader can do.

  • The work she does to encourage women to find their competitiveness on the court after a lifetime of such behaviour being discouraged.

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Leadership Insights

While many of our Great Coaches have touched on the importance of listening to your athletes and the people around you, there’s another skill that’s just as vital to successful leadership: the ability to observe.

In this clip, legendary AFL coach Malcolm Blight shares why keeping your eyes open to what’s going on around you can help coaches to preempt and understand future necessary steps.

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Leadership Skills

This week we’re shining a light on resilience - a skill that all aspiring and successful leaders need to develop.

Nobody likes receiving negative feedback or experiencing failure, but they’re a natural part of any leadership or coaching journey and the way that you respond (and brush yourself off after) can play a major role in not only your future success, but also in the way that others perceive you.

For this lesson, we’ve combined clips from interviews with 12 different Great Coaches, each discussing resilience and how to better develop it.

Highlights include:

  • Why stepping into uncomfortable places is one of the most important ways to grow as a leader.

  • How replicating stress in training environments can help you and your team to normalise and better tackle issues such as performance anxiety.

  • The need to balance pressure with gratitude and selflessness to encourage others to look beyond their own experiences and feelings.

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A terrific read for anyone who wishes to know a bit more about what really goes on behind the scenes on draft day!

"Doug MacLean, former NHL coach, general manager, team president, and one of the game’s biggest personalities, reveals how teams build for greatness—or fail to—on hockey’s most anticipated day. A Moneyball for hockey."

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