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The power of silence

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Latest Interview

This week’s Great Coach is New Zealand cricket coach, Mike Hesson.

Mike has been coaching since his early 20s, becoming Argentina's Head Coach in 2003 and then returning to New Zealand to lead Otago to the 2008 One-Day trophy and the 2009 T20 championship.

After some time as Head Coach for Kenya, Mike Hesson once again returned to New Zealand in 2012 to become the Head Coach of the national team, the Black Caps. By the time he left the team in 2018 he had brought them from a One-Day international ranking of 8th to 2nd, hit a record-breaking winning streak of 13 games, and cemented his place as one of the most successful coaches in the nation's history.

In more recent years, Mike has served as the head coach of Kings XI Punjab in the IPL and in 2023 became the head coach of PSL franchise Islamabad United.

Mike shared a number of well-considered and thought-provoking points during our interview, including:

  • The value of being comfortable with silence and using it as an opportunity for reflection, rather than pushing to fill every quiet moment with information.

  • How he uses the ‘right questions’ to unlock the potential of the people he leads.

  • Why he strongly believes in the need for authenticity in all interactions with his teams.

“If I want my players to believe in me and trust me and have relationship with me, they need to know that it's actually me rather than me trying to be somebody else.”

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Leadership Insights

In this clip, Great Coach Mike Candrea speaks on the importance of respecting the uniform and all that it represents.

Mike shares how University of Arizona softball players need to earn the “A” on their uniforms through self-reflection and feedback from their teammates, particularly in relation to their competitiveness, discipline, attitude, and preparation.

His words are a great reminder to all of us about the importance of being a good teammate and how much work truly goes into being successful.

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Leadership Skills

There’s a lot to be said about purpose in the context of coaching and leadership.

We often hear variations of the idea that if we “find our purpose”, then everything will fall into place and we can reach success - but what is the term ‘purpose’ actually referring to, and how can we find, approach, and utilise it?

For this lesson, Great Coaches hosts Grant and Paul are joined by Dr Gavin Weeks, a Doctor of Psychology, an Associate Fellow at Oxford Saïd Business School and a Partner at the consultancy Thompson Harrison.

Together, they discuss and examine the overlap between coaching, the corporate world, and psychology when it comes to the topic of ‘purpose’; a topic that is gaining significant attention and discussion in all of these spheres at present.

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This week I’d love to share a new book by previous Great Coaches guest, Damian McGrath. I myself read it over 2 sittings and thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration this January.

"Can You Be Fluent In Success?

Damian McGrath has experienced a life of trial and success through a career coaching professional international rugby across the world.

In this book Damian looks back at his life and relates his wisdom and accomplishments, in coaching, to succeeding in life and business." 

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