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For the last episode in our Thriving Teams series gold medal-winning coach Hugh McCutcheon and I had the privilege of being joined by American Football coach Mike Bloomgren. 

Mike’s coaching career began in the year 2000, working as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Alabama. From there he went on to serve as an Assistant at Catawba College and Delta State University, simultaneously taking on roles as special teams coach, offensive line coach, and offensive coordinator. 

In 2007 Mike joined the New York Jets, accepting an offensive quality control position and working that role until 2009 when he became assistant offensive coordinator. 

From there Mike moved to Stanford to work under David Shaw and join the coaching staff that won the Pac 12 championship in 2012, 2013, and 2015. 

In 2017, Mike was appointed the Head Coach at Rice University. 

Mike’s terrific energy made it an absolute joy to interview him, and he shared a number of great points and philosophies that listeners can attempt to implement within their own coaching and leadership, including:

  • His belief that a leader’s optimism (and pessimism!) are infectious, and that they spread more rapidly from the head down than in any other direction

  • The structured fashion in which he goes about building connection across the 107 players, 50 staff and families that make up his team, and the role this takes in building a shared sense of care

  • His philosophy - which he describes as “Intellectual Brutality” - and the role it plays in unlocking the decision-making power of athletes

Make sure to take a listen to the full interview, and let me know how it goes if you decide to try any of Mike’s methods for yourself!

Thriving Teams: Free Diagnostic

Back in 2022, we were challenged by two Great Coaches to find a model for team leadership that aligned with the insights and advice that we’ve gathered from over 200 interviews with Great Coaches from across the world of sports.

After a lot of research and investigation, we discovered the Thrive model - a model that encompasses six integral elements for achieving the success and well-being of your team.

If you really want to make the most of the Thrive model, you’ll want to head over to our website to try our free, simple diagnostic which uses 18 questions to identify how close your team is to thriving, and (importantly) what can be done to improve.

Thriving Workshops

In addition to the podcast episodes and diagnostic tool, we’re taking things even deeper with our Thriving Teams workshops, offered both virtually and live. Some workshops can even include the participation of the Great Coaches that we have interviewed. 

For leaders who really want to move their teams closer to Thriving, we’re also offering individual coaching sessions. 

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Leadership Insights

It can be difficult to establish a set of values for a team to follow, particularly if the team members themselves don't feel a connection with them. 

In this clip, Nick Montgomery shares how he encourages his teams to establish (and keep) their own values, and how honesty and clear communication help to ensure that everyone stays on track. 

The Voice of the Great Coaches

The Great Coaches at your next Event? 

If you would like to bring the voices of the Great Coaches into the room at your next event, then we can help. 

Our leadership-centred presentations can be delivered both virtually and in person, providing you with a unique opportunity to inspire your team. 

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