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Latest Interview

Born and raised in England, Jeremy Gunn moved to the USA to attend Cal State University, where he was part of their 1992 Championship soccer team and an All American.

A successful player in his own right, Gunn then proceeded to build a successful career as a soccer coach, transitioning from an assistant at Cal-State Bakersfield to the head coach of the Fort Lewis College soccer team. After leading his team to 6 Rocky Mountain Championships and the 2006 NCAA Division 2 Championship, he then coached the Charlotte 49ers for a number of years before becoming the head men’s soccer coach at Stanford University, leading the Cardinals to 3 NCAA Championships and multiple Pac-12 Conference championships.

For the latest episode of The Great Coaches podcast, we sat down with Jeremy to discuss some of the challenges and triumphs of his career and the lessons he has learned through decades of coaching.

Throughout the interview, Jeremy raises a number of interesting points, including:

  • The subjectivity of standards, and how to successfully establish and agree upon lines for an entire team or group to strive to achieve

  • The importance of building an environment that shapes people towards a desired outcome

  • The danger of holding back too much on players and teams, preventing them from improving their mental fitness

…as well as several other ideas worth considering and acting upon within your own team, family, or community.

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Leadership Insights

In this clip, Toledo Women’s Basketball Head Coach Tricia Cullop speaks to the importance of mentors who we can trust to stop us when necessary.

“We need to surround ourselves by people that are not afraid to tell us we’re crazy”.

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Leadership Skills

From business presentations to chatting with other parents at the school gates, the ability to communicate well is a vital skill that comes into use every day of our lives.

Our episode on the topic of Communication features audio quotes from 15 Great Coaches, all of whom have learned the importance of strong and effective communication during their successful and extensive careers.

Some of the key lessons covered in this episode include:

  • Motivating, building trust, and providing direction through efficient communication

  • The need for genuine honesty and authentic, personal connection

  • How to tackle the difficult open and honest conversations that are a necessary part of leadership

  • Building solid relationships that allow for direct, robust, and simplified communication without derailing performance

  • The positive relationship benefits that come from coaches communicating their own failures and uncertainties

  • Fostering an environment where athletes and team members can communicate freely

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Who doesn’t love an underdog success story?

Once dubbed “Australia’s worst footy team”, the Albany Sharks are now premiership heroes after a league final that brought their president, Tracy Blaszkow, to her knees in disbelief.

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