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This week we’re joined by Glenn Pocknall, a cricket coach with over 20 years experience coaching at the elite level. 

Glenn started coaching in 2002, developing his skills by coaching youth representative teams. He eventually joined the Wellington Firebirds in the New Zealand National league as an Assistant coach and has since gone on to gather international experience working in England, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Glenn was appointed as the Wellington Head Coach. In that role he led the team to win all 3 domestic titles: the Ford Trophy (50over) in 2019, Plunket Shield (four day) in 2020 and back-to-back Super Smash (t20) titles in 2020 and 2021.

In 2021 he was given his first opportunity to lead the New Zealand National team in a T20 series.

Glenn is deeply committed to self development and the overall craft of coaching, and this came over very clearly during our gem of an interview. 

Some key highlights of the episode were:

  • The 10 year vision he wrote for himself, and the story of his journey from factory work to eventually coaching the NZ cricket team.

  • His use of routines and imagery to combat the negative self talk of athletes.

  • How he tries to listen rather than give feedback and why, as a leader, this can be so difficult, yet so powerful.

I hope that you take some inspiration from Glenn’s story, and that you enjoy the episode - as always, I’d love to hear what you think! 

A Leader’s Role

If you asked 10 different people how they would define the role of a leader, you’d most likely receive 10 different replies. 

After all, there’s no one way to lead - that’s why we started this podcast in the first place, looking for new ideas and inspiration to help us better lead our families, teams, and communities. 

In this 15 second clip, the legendary coach Ric Charlesworth gives a fantastic answer as to what he believes the role of a coach is, getting right to the heart of what a Great Coach (or leader in general) does. 

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On Legendary Coaches

This week we published not one but two new podcast episodes; on Wednesday we shared a fantastic discussion on Legendary Coaches starring retired gymnastics coach Valorie Kondos Field (commonly known as “Miss Val”) and Dr David Turner. 

From Miss Val’s belief in “sweating the small stuff” to the values and traits identified by Dr David as being shared by both good coaches and legendary coaches alike, this episode contains a number of really great talking points that should resonate with all leaders and coaches alike. 

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