Don Showalter

The legendary USA High School coach

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Latest Interview

Don is a basketball coach who over 32 years coached in High Schools in America, in that time he led teams to 601 wins 8 conference titles and 11 district championships. In 1998 he served as head coach of the youth USA Team at the 1998 Nike Hoop Summit. Then in 2001 he became chair of the USA Basketball Cadet and Youth Committee.

He was then appointed coach of the USA under 16 and under 17 teams, and led those teams to 10 Gold medals at 62 straight victories. He is considered one of the best youth basketball coaches of all time and has lectured all over the world. He also has a new book called Cornfields to Gold medals.

Some of the highlights from our discussion were:

The communication circle his teams use to finish training where they hold hands and focusing on connecting with each other.

The importance of “being where your feet are” as you can’t be a coach 24/7.

And how he mentors the way he was, and that means not telling people what to do, but laying out the facts for them so they can make their own decisions.

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Leadership Insights

On my favourite insights from Natasha Adair who talks about her learning on prioritising Living Trophies over Big Trophies.

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Leadership Skills

This episode is on the topic of Coaching Philosophy, and it features audio quotes from 15 Great Coaches.

The key points are:

  • The first step in articulating your coaching philosophy is to understand why you want to coach.

  • Your philosophy them becomes the main pillars of your coaching program and helps guide you as the team develops.

  • And lastly, you should be able to summarise your coaching philosophy in a sentence or 2 as a way of communicating to others the essence of what you are trying to build with the team.


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