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Our Great Coach this week is Ante Milicic, an Australian soccer coach and former professional player. 

As a player, Ante represented Australia and won the National Championships. He was also the first player to ever score a hat-trick in the A-League. 

After retiring he moved straight into coaching, joining Sydney United as a player/coach in 2009. At the same time, he worked as an assistant coach for the Australian U20 team. From there Ante began working as an assistant coach for Ange P, joining him and the Socceroos for both the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the 2015 Victorious Asian Cup. In 2018, he took on a position as an assistant to Bert Van Marjwick at the World Cup in Russia.

In 2019 Ante was appointed as the interim head coach of the Australian women’s national team - the Matildas - and led them to a round of 16 finish at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Then, in 2020, he moved over to Macarthur FC (a new National league men’s team) to take on the role of their inaugural head coach.

Having coached both men and women, Ante has had a wide range of experiences across the length of his career. Throughout our interview he drew upon those experiences, sharing his own fascinating insights and the advice that he has received and given during his years as a coach. 

Some personal highlights from the interview include:

  • How he talks about his first days with the Matildas and the request he made for all staff to present their own role and responsibilities to him, bringing a certain level of calmness to the group at a time which was naturally full of upheaval and unease.

  • What Ante has learned from coaching both men and women at the elite level, including the importance of taking time to speak with players as individuals and help them prepare using both technical and emotional information.

  • How his personal feelings that he didn’t make the most of his talent as a player have shaped the way he helps others to develop their own mental strength.

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Our Thriving Teams podcast series may have come to an end, but our enthusiasm for sharing the Thrive model with our listeners prevails.

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How have your influences shaped you as a leader?

In this clip, Dr David Turner discusses the career of Great Coach Phil Jackson and the individual influences and experiences that have shaped his personal coaching style.

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